Bus to Udaipur

Today Harri woke up feeling unwell and remained ill for the rest of the day so we had a bit of a rest day. We returned once again to Dylan’s where we stayed until our bus in the afternoon. I went and booked our remaining train journeys for the trip as we had finally nailed … More Bus to Udaipur

Trouble with trains

Today we left our hotel to walk across the city to have breakfast (more parnatha) and then to visit the City Palace. There were a few varieties of entrance ticket ranging from Rs150 (£2) up to Rs3000 (£40), neither of us could really understand the massive price difference so we opted for the cheapest option … More Trouble with trains

Jaipur Curries

After arriving late in Jaipur, we didn’t get up at the crack of dawn although we were still up and ready by about 9. We then walked half an hour across the Jaipur to the Old City where had curry for breakfast from a balcony overlooking the Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) which is … More Jaipur Curries

Indian Adventure

We arrived in New Delhi late at night after briefly stopping in Munich and after cruising through passport control we walked out of departures and were hit by the heat. My girlfriend Harri has been to 37 countries and India is my 79th  however neither of us had experienced humid heat like this before. I … More Indian Adventure


​So far we have done a lot of exploring the streets of Khartoum but have yet to go to a proper souk. So we decided to go to one today. The largest souk in the city is in a district called Omdurman to the North-West of central Khartoum.  We spent ages just wandering the covered … More Omdurman