Visa fun..

​Having failed to get an Uzbekistan visa in the UK my sole goal today was to get one today, or at least apply for one. I had read to get there early because there is a sheet where you write your name down and get served in order. My alarm went off at 0630 and … More Visa fun..

Friendly Kazakhstan

​Again today started very early with my plane landing at 0315 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Having filled in a landing card on the plane I only needed to describe my itinerary and where I was staying and I was stamped into Kazakhstan, my 67th country. With no luggage to pick up I went via the information … More Friendly Kazakhstan

Ukrainian layover

​I caught train from Central London to Heathrow and briefly enjoyed an empty departures lounge (our flight was the second last of the day) before boarding and the wheels were up by 2310. I managed to go to sleep but the flight was only 3 hours so I was awake about an hour after falling … More Ukrainian layover

Abu Simbel 

​(PHOTOS HAVE NOW BEEN ADDED TO MY PREVIOUS 3 POSTS) Having arrived in Aswan late last night we were up again at 0300 to leaves at 0315 to drive to Abu Simbel which was a few hours drive south, nearly on the Sudanese border. Most the journey for both of us was spent asleep as … More Abu Simbel